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ITRC Tech-Reg Document

Passive Diffusion Sampler

Consistent Groundwater Monitoring Using PDB Samplers

Do you want to know if polyethylene diffusion bag (PDB) samplers are suitable for your groundwater monitoring project? To help you decide, we’ve provided easy access to this informative report, which is designed as a guide for regulators, technology users and stakeholders to facilitate the use and to optimize results of PDB sampling technology, considering regulations and technical requirements.

The organization behind this informative report, the Interstate Technology & Regulatory Council (ITRC), is dedicated to reducing barriers to, and increasing interstate deployment of, ground-breaking and cost-effective environmental methods. Using their expert knowledge and findings, they’ve provided the following:

  • Technical requirements for implementation of PDB samplers
  • Cost estimates of PDB implementation
  • Regulatory issues of diffusion bag samplers
  • Case studies that demonstrate the value of PDB sampling technology at a variety of sites

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