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VOC Monitoring Recommendations

Passive Diffusion Sampler

Passive Diffusion Sampling for Long-Term VOC Monitoring

Passive diffusion sampling using polyethylene bag samplers (PDBs) is widely accepted as a viable and inexpensive method to determine concentrations of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in groundwater wells. If your next project involves long-term VOC monitoring, there may be other considerations for obtaining accurate results and understanding what the data represent over the life of the project.

To help, the experts at the Interstate Technology and Regulatory Council Diffusion Sampler Workgroup weighed in to provide information regarding the use of passive diffusion sampling for long-term VOC monitoring. With this report, you can learn:

  • Basic description and use of PDBs
  • Appropriate implementation and data interpretation
  • Differences between PDB sampling and other sampling methods
  • Regulatory issues of concern
  • Specific recommendations for optimal accuracy and measurements

Download the report for free today! Simply click the button to get started. Need more information? Contact the team at EON at , or check out our full selection of passive diffusion sampling products for your next groundwater monitoring project.