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Passive Diffusion Groundwater Sampler Field Trial

Passive Diffusion Sampler

Evaluating Diffusive Groundwater Sampler Efficacy

Looking for ways to improve your environmental sampling process? USGS hydrologists introduce, test, and offer guidance for using a passive diffusion sampler that is effective, accurate and inexpensive compared to conventional bailing and pumping.

Researchers conducted field trials of a commercially-available diffusive groundwater sampler at test sites with extensive monitoring well networks and over five years of historical water quality data for reference. Volatile organic compounds (VOCs), including purge-able aromatics and halogens, were used as a basis to evaluate the device’s effectiveness. 

 The researchers made several conclusions at the end of the study, including:

  • The effectiveness of passive diffusion of VOCs in field trials
  • Lab data comparisons between a diffusive groundwater sampler and conventional bailing and pumping
  • The long-term capabilities of monitoring VOCs in groundwater using diffusive samplers

To view this comprehensive report for free, simply click on the download button. For more information about passive diffusion, or to find out which groundwater sampler may be right for your next project, contact the EON team at .