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Bailers General Information

General Groundwater Documents

General Information about Using Bailers for Groundwater Sampling

Are you interested in using bailers for your next environmental monitoring project, but not sure how they work? To help you get started, we’ve supplied this short, easy-to-download PDF file, which includes basic, yet useful information about these versatile grab samplers. Here’s what you’ll find out:

  • The purpose and functionality of weighted and non-weighted bailers
  • How to properly retrieve samples using them
  • The variety of samples you can gather using them
  • What materials they are typically comprised of (including polyethylene, Teflon, PVC, stainless steel and more)

Learn the basics of bailers today – click on the download button to view this information for free. EON also has a wide selection of reusable and disposable bailers online. To find out which kind of water sampling equipment is best for your next job, contact the EON team at