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EON’s Environmental Resources and Case Studies

We care about more than simply providing you with the products you need – for this reason, EON offers a wealth of free environmental resources, case studies and technical whitepapers about passive diffusion sampling and conventional purge sampling along with instructional information for users. Whether you require in-depth sampler comparisons, instructions for filling samplers, or are interested in general groundwater or field supplies information, EON has you covered!

Browse the documents below to read through our environmental case studies and technical documents. For more information about our resources, call – our knowledgeable team will be glad to help.


Industry-Leading Passive Diffusion Sampling Experts

Many of our environmental resources below are about passive sampling or no-purge sampling, as EON has the largest offering of passive groundwater sampling devices of any company in our industry. In fact, we were the first to commercialize passive diffusion sampling – and we continue to stay on the forefront of the knowledge and products of this field! We’re prepared to answer any questions you might have about the time and money-saving benefits of any passive groundwater sampling product, including the Equilibrator and HydraSleeve samplers.

Call us at to learn more or browse the products on our site to see what we’ve got to offer. Whether you need groundwater sampling equipment, portable XRF analyzers, or even general field equipment, EON has everything you need for your project.

Passive Diffusion Sampler

Case Studies & Technical Papers

  • Bunnell-Lammons Engineering Study (1998) – Report produced by Andrew Alexander and Thomas Lammons titled “Field Trial of a New Commercially Available Diffusive Ground-Water Sampler”. (Equilibrator introduced in study)
  • McClellan Air Force Base (2001) – A recent study that compares cost, ease of use, and analytical results of samples collected by diffusion sampling and low-flow methods. (Equilibrator shown effective)
  • USGS/EPA Guidance Document (2001) – Federal and State Agencies publish a Guidance Document for the use of Passive Diffusion Sampling.
  • ITRC Final Report (2002) – Inter-State Technical Regulatory Council publishes “Recommendations on the Use of Polyethylene Diffusion Bag Samplers for Long Term Monitoring of Volatile Organic Compounds in Groundwater”.
  • ITRC Tech-Reg Document (2004) – Inter-State Technical Regulatory Council publishes “Technical and Regulatory Guidance for Using Polyethylene Diffusion Bag Samplers to Monitor Volatile Organic Compounds in Groundwater.” This is an aid to regulators and users to determine the applications and use of PDBs.

User Information

  • Filling Instructions – Instructions for filling the EON Equilibrator? PDB sampler.
  • Tether Installation – Instructions for installing one or more Equilibrator? PDBs on a single tether.
  • Hanger Installation – Instructions for installing one Equilibrator? PDB using the EON stainless steel Hanger.
  • Adjustable SST Tether Ring – Instructions for relocating adjustable rings on stainless steel tethers.
  • PowerPoint Presentation – A PowerPoint Presentation with basic information in graphical format describing the technical basis, applications, configuration and installation of PDBs in graphical format.

USEPA Region 4 No-Purge Sampler Use Criteria

  • SESDPROC-301-R2 10-28-11.pdf – U.S Environmental Protection Agency Science & Ecosystem Support Division Athens, Georgia Operating Procedure for Groundwater Sampling includes reference to the conditions to consider for acceptable for use of passive samplers.

Other No-Purge Samplers

Case Studies & Technical Papers

Client Presentations

User Information

 General Groundwater Documents

  • Bailers – What is a bailer?
  • EnviroCaps – General information about locking well caps.

Field Supplies

  • Rope & Twine – About rope and twine, including information on terms, materials and configurations.