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Buy or Rent XRF Analyzers & More

EON sells and rents portable XRF analyzers for accurate, rapid metal identification. We have a complete selection of handheld instruments to identify and measure the concentration of metal elements for Lead in Paint surveys, Environmental Screening for Metals in Soil and Consumer Goods, Alloy ID and Q/A for manufacturing and scrap, Mining, Precious Metal, Gold Karat weight and more. But we’ll do more than just ship the products you need – we’ll help you determine which equipment is the best to get your job done quickly and easily, and we will teach you how to use it for best results.

With more than 18 years of experience in XRF and metal identification equipment, our knowledgeable staff can assess your application and guide you in the selection of handheld XRF analyzers and XRF supplies – and we will make sure your equipment does what you need. Call or fill out a quick online form for a free quotation and we’ll get back to you right away.

Alloy and Precious Metals Identification: Browse Our Products

Whether you’re identifying alloy and precious metals or measuring hazardous metals, EON has the right type of equipment to assist with your projects. We offer a variety of XRF analyzers and metal identification instruments:

  • Learn about Bruker portable X-ray fluorescence analyzers – Our team can provide you with product information and applications engineering that will help you evaluate the use of an X-Ray Fluorescence analyzer and then select the best instrument for your needs.
  • Rent metal identification equipment – all of our sophisticated rental equipment comes with training and 24/7 customer service!
  • Order affordable used handheld XRF analyzers – purchase high-quality used equipment that was part of our own rental fleet, where it has been well-maintained!

Don’t know what to order or have questions about your project needs? Call to speak with our team and tell us about your project challenges. In addition to portable XRF analyzers and other types of metal analyzing equipment, we also offer a wide range of environmental field supplies, including gloves, rope, sample collection bottles and more – to make your order complete!