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EON Products, Inc. is more than just a one-stop shop for field supplies, environmental monitoring and industrial sampling equipment. We have virtually every instrument or supply you need to help you with groundwater sampling, air quality testing, metal identification, soil sampling and more. Our knowledgeable team will also partner with you to help you match the best equipment to your project needs. This means that even if you don’t know the type of products you need, or if you just aren’t aware of the options available, we’ll talk you through the process to help you determine the best equipment for your project – and we’ll get it to you quickly and easily!

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When you call EON, you won’t be on the phone with an inexperienced salesperson – our staff of helpful professionals are knowledgeable and have more than 60 years combined product and field experience so they can keep you informed about the latest innovations using environmental testing products. Whether you need product usage explanations or technical troubleshooting, our personnel can help. Give us a call and tell us about your project – call  or fill out a quick online form to request product information or a quotation and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!

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Environmental Testing and Industrial Sampling Equipment Solutions

EquilibratorWe are solutions people and we want to hear about the challenges you face. Whether you need assistance placing a routine order for field supplies or if you’ve forgotten to place an order in time and need your equipment fast – let us know! We’ll do what we can to help you meet your requirements and expedite your projects. EON’s attention to service details regarding our environmental testing and industrial measuring equipment will save you time, resources and money. Call us at , browse our environmental case studies or see the current specials we’re offering on high-quality environmental monitoring equipment. EON’s mission is to make your project easier! You handle the fieldwork – we’ll supply the equipment you need.